Extracting unique values of a column from a feed file

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Old 03-23-2014
Wrench Extracting unique values of a column from a feed file

Hi Folks,

I have the below feed file named abc1.txt in which you can see there is a title and below is the respective values in the rows and it is completely pipe delimited file ,.


now this feed files is been generated regularly by a process and is being kept at unix box at the following location /usr/cft/str so finally the file is at /usr/cft/str/abc1.txt
now from the right side you can see there is a column named ADM_ID ,
can you please advise the script or command that will extract the unique ADM_ID and will store those unique ADM_ID in a newly created file the name of the newly created file is Unique_ADM and this file will be stored at the same location .

so the newly created Unique_ADM file will contain the following data that it will extract from the above feed file..


please advise how to achieve this.Smilie
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Old 03-23-2014
You could try something like:
cd /usr/cft/str/  || exit 1
awk -F'|' -v id='ADM_ID' '
NR == 1 {
        for(f = 1; f <= NF; f++)
                if($f == id)
        if(f > NF) {
                printf("Column header \"%s\" not found.\n" id)
                exit 2
x[$f]++ == 0 {
        print $f
}' abc1.txt > Unique_ADM

This was tested using the Korn shell, but it will work with any shell that recognizes basic Bourne shell syntax.
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Old 03-23-2014
Specifically for ADM_ID, not flexible as Don's code
awk -F'|' 'NR>1 && $0=$16' infile | sort -u

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Old 03-23-2014
@ahamed, there would be an issue if $16=0, also there was an issue with BSD awk which did not print everything.. Rearranging your script like this, worked though:
awk -F'|' '{$0=$16}NR>1' infile | sort -u

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Old 03-23-2014

sed '1 d' fo|cut -'d|' -f16|sort|uniq

easiest way to do is,in case if you want an explanations whats happening

sed 1d is selecting all but first line and rest all is self explanatory
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