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Run script on remote host

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Old 12-13-2013
Run script on remote host

Hi friends,

I have two servers. Server A and B.
I want to run one script on server A by logging in to server B.
Can anyone provide me code for this.? I tried it by using following
ssh username@serverA ./script

Then it prompt me the password. I give correct password of the server A. but it says access denied.

What are other commands to achieve this? Is it required to do some configuration changes on server A and B before doing this?
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Old 12-13-2013
Does ./script exist on the remote server? If not, would you expect it to be able to find that file?


ssh username@remoteserver exec /bin/sh -s < ./localscriptfile

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Old 12-13-2013
not working

This command is not working.
Let me tell you in detail
I have script at following path on server A

I login to server A and execute following command directly
sh  /user/ns123/script

I want to do this without logging in to server A. I am on server B and want to run this on server A
sh  /user/ns123/script

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Old 12-13-2013
What do you mean 'not logging in'? If you're using ssh you're logging in...
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Old 12-13-2013
i mean not directly login to server A.
I am expecting "remote access" of server A through server B
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Old 12-13-2013
In what way would you not directly login? Is there an intermediate host? Your script above is logging in as directly as anything else.

It may have PATH problems however. Try . /etc/profile ; /path/to/script'
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Old 12-13-2013
What happens if you issue your command with the script's full path
ssh username@serverA /user/ns123/script


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