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Old 09-12-2013
Problem in cut or paste


I have some problem in cut or paste command for my text data.

Input1.txt :
Sam11 0 0 1 AB
Sam12 0 0 2 AB
Sam13 0 0 2 AA
I use cut command :
 cut -d ' ' -f1 Input1.txt > result.txt

result.txt :
Then, I use paste command to merge result.txt.
 paste -d ' ' result.txt Input1.txt > output.txt

output.txt showed :
Sam11 Sam11 0 0 1 AB
Sam12 Sam12 0 0 2 AB
Sam13 Sam13 0 0 2 AA
I use cut command again to get data that I want :
 cut -d ' ' -f1,2,5 output.txt > Final.txt

Final.txt showed :
Sam11 Sam11 1
Sam12 Sam12 2
Sam13 Sam13 2
However, Final.txt have something like question mark symbol (???) after Sam number which I can not see this symbol but some program can detect. I do not know what's happen because I use dos2unix in my dataset.

Could you please suggest me?
Thank you in advance.
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Old 09-12-2013
You can use awk command to get the desired output.. regarding ??? not sure what inbtw process happening in your script..

awk '{print $1" "$1" "$4}'  Input1.txt

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