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How to calculate with awk

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How to calculate with awk

I have below awk statement and I need to convert the second field ( substr($0,8,6))from minutes to hours with 2 decimail place. How can I achieve this?

/usr/bin/awk '{print substr($0,23,4),substr($0,8,6)}' /tmp/MANAGER_LIST.$$ >> /tmp/NEWMANAGER_LIST.$$

Thanks for any help!
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might be helpful to see a sample of your '$0'
# 3  
DD0300312310250588 CA8440300444 220

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/usr/bin/nawk '{printf("%s%s%.2f\n", substr($0,23,4), OFS, substr($0,8,6) / 60)}' /tmp/MANAGER_LIST.$$ >> /tmp/NEWMANAGER_LIST.$$

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AWk convertion

Thank you soooo much for your quick reply!!!!
Smilie Smilie Smilie

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