Find files for a specific date

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Find files for a specific date


I am looking to find files of a specific date.
I am on Sun Solaris so newermt doesnot work..

I thought of using mtime but not getting how to use it.

Please help me with this..


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Please give us your requirement clearly.

How many days files, do you want to list.
is there any specific pattenr for files?

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I found this in different posts, might be helpful

ls -l | grep "Dec 12" | awk '{print $NF}' | xargs grep -l "word"

find . -name "*2012-12-02*" -type f -exec grep -w "word" {} \;

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like I want to find files of "15th June 2013"

I will be using this in

for files in `find ${ERR_DIR} -name "*"`
	while read line
		INPUT_FILE_NAME=`echo $line| cut -d';' -f1`
		ERREUR=`echo $line | cut -d';' -f3`		
		echo "`wc -l $files|awk '{print $1}'`;"NS";${ERREUR}"  >> ${TMP_DIR}/${TMP_FILENAME}

	done < $files

So I was trying to stick to find command.

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I think i will using it

touch the file with start of that date
touch the file with end of that date

and then using newer option of find..
touch -t 201301010000.00 START
touch -t 201301012359.59 STOP

find . -type f -name * -newer START ! -newer STOP

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