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Renaming File Names in a folder/Dir

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Renaming File Names in a folder/Dir
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Renaming File Names in a folder/Dir

Hi Team,
I'm new to Unix shell scripting .
I've the following requirement

A folder contains the list of files with the following format

I have to rename the above file to like below

Could you please give me some idea to rename the file (not the content in the file )
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What shell are you using? Using bash or ksh93:
for i in*
 echo mv "$i" "$new"

Remove the echo when satisfied with the command lines.
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Thank You for the reply elixir,
I'm using KSH

I'll test the same in my system and let you know

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Hi Elixir,
I tried the above code which you have suggested .
I'm getting the following error
new=${i//./_}: bad substitution

Could you please suggest if i need to change any
Thank you

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Could you please suggest me regarding this script
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it works in ksh on my system...
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Hi I tried like below
for i in*
 echo mv "$i" "$new"

And the error like below
$ ./
./[3]: new=${i//./_}: bad substitution

And it is just For Your Information , I'm trying to replace the FILENAMES and NOT the contents in a file

Thank You
# 6  
You seem to be using ksh88, not ksh93.
for i in*
 new=$(echo "$i"|sed 's/^ab/BOX/;s/\./_/g')
 echo mv "$i" "$new"

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try escaping the dot


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