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Check age of the file

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Check age of the file

i am working on a shell script where i have 2 files & i need to check age of those files. one file should be of the same day and other shoudn't be more then 20 days old.

how could i acheive this? please help!!!!
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Read about the -mtime switch of the find command.
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i have used this earlier but i was getting some error:

bash-3.2$ find /apps/vcred/appl/vcrdftp/put/ecredit_drop -iname "1181*.dat" -mtime -60 -print
find: bad option -iname
find: [-H | -L] path-list predicate-list

then i used name instead of using iname:
bash-3.2$ find /apps/vcred/appl/vcrdftp/put/ecredit_drop -name "1181*.dat" -mtime -60 -print

what does it mean by -iname/name? please help
# 4  
Java This will work

find /apps/vcred/appl/vcrdftp/put/ecredit_drop -iname 1181\*.dat -mtime -60 -print

above must work can you please check it
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what does it mean by -iname/name? please help
-iname pattern
Like -name, but the match is case insensitive.
# 6  
find file1 -mtime 0
find file2 -mtime +20

A | grep . also sets the exit status so you can do
if find file1 -mtime 0 | grep . >/dev/null
 echo "file1 is less than 24 hours old"

Another way is [test]
if [ -n "`find file1 -mtime 0`" ]
 echo "file1 is less than 24 hours old"

Last edited by MadeInGermany; 05-08-2013 at 07:28 AM.. Reason: added [test] method
# 7  
i have to use both of these conditions at once only, like both of the condition should be satisfied then i'll work on sending email further...

i think we can use variables for both of those files and if status of both of the variables are true then we can send email..

but can anyone help me to use the same logic through code please..

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