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Are aliases available in shell scripts?

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Are aliases available in shell scripts?
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Are aliases available in shell scripts?

I define aliases and save in rc file. what I see is that it isn't available in shell scripts. They are however available in interpretive or interactive sub-shell which I get when I give command

For ex.:
I define 
alias echo='echo -n'

it's unavailable in shell scripts but sub-shells.
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I suppose you're using an interactive bash shell, and you have modified the .bashrc, can you try to disconnect and reconnect to the Unix environment?
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rc file gets sourced whenever user gets into a sub-shell, and hence the aliases gets reflected in sub-shell. This is not the case for shell script. To get the aliases inside the shell script, you need to source your file containing the aliases manually.

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Guru, how to do manually ? and also please elaborate on your points so that it is clear
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To make your aliases work inside shell script, add a line like this in the beginning of your shell script:

source .bashrc #Assuming your shell is bash and rc file is .bashrc

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Most shells do not support aliases inside shell scripts.

Aliasing echo into something else is a bad idea. If you want 'echo -n' all the time, use a command that supports \n in the first place, like printf, instead of redefining the universe.

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