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What version of wget do you have? Mine is the latest and greatest compiled from
the source code. That code above won't work. Where is the variable for user and
formatted mail address? You also have no recursive switch. I see the pipe function
but this will not work. Mine is sufficient. If it ain't broke, don't fixit. What flavor of UX did you run this on? Please wrap your code in tags so we all can see syntax and function.

Gregg Dotoli
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Originally Posted by gdotoli
What version of wget do you have? Mine is the latest and greatest compiled from the source code.
Which? There's lots of imitations now, since the original is tricky to port away from Linux. I have right here 3 or 4 different "wget for windows" programs and that doesn't even touch on cygwin. Even busybox has its own extremely minimal wget imitation now.

Some of them are reduced and butchered versions of GNU wget, with anything tricky to do in Windows disabled. Others are rewritten from scratch, and handle their options slightly or very differently.

Since Cygwin has a UNIX like environment, presumably you could build the original GNU wget with most of its features, though not necessarily all, Cygwin still has corners where it's just not the same. But I don't know if that's what you did -- you could have done what I did, and found wget.exe inside unxutils or busybox. Or even ported it yourself. If you're building it from scratch, hard to guess.

Mine is sufficient. If it ain't broke, don't fixit.
If it serves your needs, absolutely. It wasn't intended as a criticism.

What flavor of UX did you run this on?
I mostly stick to Linux. I use that construct quite frequently, with various details changed for the task at hand.

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