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Find uncommon in one file from data in another file

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Find uncommon in one file from data in another file
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Find uncommon in one file from data in another file


I have 2 files.
File A and File B

File A has below data
2000328288038 02 <-- its 02
2000292181441 11
2000292181441 11
2000000073963 25
2000075097222 22

File B has below data
2000328288038,2,1234 <-- 2 (it should also be taken care)

output should be in one file like below

output should be in another file like below


In file A some data is twice it should remove duplicate first, and the search record of file A in file File B(both the column in files should match ),
If Data in File A is present in File B should save it in one file and
If Data in File A is not present in File B should save it in another file and (search should consider both the columns)
Because 1st column will be present in both the files but second column will be different for many

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Assuming your files are f1 and f2:

To print lines present in both the files:
comm  -12 <(sort -u f1) <(sort -u f2)

To print lines present in f1, but not present in f2:
comm  -23 <(sort -u f1) <(sort -u f2)

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Originally Posted by guruprasadpr
Assuming your files are f1 and f2:

To print lines present in both the files:
comm  -12 <(sort -u f1) <(sort -u f2)

To print lines present in f1, but not present in f2:
comm  -23 <(sort -u f1) <(sort -u f2)


But in file 2 I have data with few more columns, will that be a problem ?


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