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What's UNIX Expert's suggestion for this thread ?

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Old 03-18-2013
What's UNIX Expert's suggestion for this thread ?

Assume that 100 file's of type .txt are saved in directory
in which,
40 .txt files having ID 225 in column x
10 .txt files having ID 220 in column x
30 .txt files having ID 115 in column x
and remaining 20 .txt file's having UNIQUE ID say 226,227,228,229,230....

first I want to read only files with UNIQUE ID
like this
for file  in *.txt of UNIQUE ID; do

after this I want to read file's having ID 225
for file in *.txt of ID 225; do
execute_this_function_only_once; (this has to be executed only once I mean when $file==1,not 40 times)
go_to_function_xyz;(this has to be executed 1 to 39 times, that is filecount<no of files)
go_to_last_function(execute this function when filecount==No of files, thats 40==40)

then file's with ID 220,115...

Here for me, no problem in running file's with UNIQUE ID, if many file's are having same ID, then this is the only solution left to me

I hope UNIX Expert's will have solution for this.

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Old 03-18-2013
Sounds like an interesting problem.

But it might help to have some sample input. It would give a better idea what you mean by "column x".

And maybe a more descriptive title than "unix expert's suggestion" might be a good idea. That would be up to a moderator.
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Old 03-18-2013
Column X is containing ID, to indicate it is same for all files I mentioned X it's column 14
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Old 03-18-2013
Not clear. Is the column in the file name or in the file itself?

And, function_abc is the same all over, or does it change with the file in use?

Meanwhile you should know that it helps tremendously to post sensible sample data.
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Old 03-18-2013
Dear Sir, column is in file and function abc is only for file with unique ID

and for file's with same ID, there are 3 function,
1. 1st function should be executed only once that is at starting(don't repeat)
2. 2nd function should be executed till filecount <no of files(repeat)
3. 3rd function should be executed when filecount==no of files(don't repeat)
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Old 03-18-2013
Here's your (bash!) solution:
for file in *.txt; do read <"$file"; Ar=( "$REPLY" ); echo mv "$file" "$file.${Ar[1]}mod"; done

for file in *.225mod; do go_to_function_xyz; mv "$file" "${file%.*}"; done

... same for 220, 115, ...

for file in *mod; do go_to_function_abc; mv "$file" "${file%.*}"; done

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Old 03-18-2013
Thank you , you mean manually we need to enter for *.225 .....;done

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