Generate file and Upload to SFTP server.

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Oracle Generate file and Upload to SFTP server.


My requirement is something like this,

I have a sql script which i need to embed in a shell. The sql (oracle) script will generate a .csv file in some Unix directory. the approximate file size is around 10 mb which i need to upload to an sftp server. My concern here is how to make sure that the file generation is completed . Manually when i am running the script its taking 30 mins and the generated file size goes on increasing. Depending upon the table data the script may run for a long time too increasing the file size.

Any expert advice is deeply appreciated.Smilie
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Well, fuser will tell you if it is still open for output.

If you have ssh, you can pipe it up in real time to a temp name and decide later if it completed.

You could write a magic string on the file end, perhaps in SQL, and use sed -i or the like to remove it later.

You could run the query up there over tcp/ip and save the copying. The term tlisten comes to mind. Excel data import odbc is nice, too, and Access odbc link.

Often, you can see errors or success in the log if you divert non-data lines there.
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Thanks mate,
I will give a try for fuser. Is there any way to automate using Proginet?
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Hi DGPickett,

I tried the fuser. but it didn't display any pid for the file while that file generation is still in progress by an oracle instance....

Thanks for your support. And can u please tell me abt the magic string u mentioned as i am a newbie to scripting...Smilie
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Hi DGPickett,

Actually I tried the fuser in my system and it worked fine. But in my Workstation i issued the following command
/sbin/fuser CA_DBLT_18th_67567.csv
But it didn't return any pid where as i am sure that file writting is in progress. Pls suggest. I have also tried lsof but of no use.
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Well, fuser works in UNIX for all users and files, but maybe elsewhere it might balk at other users or their files.

If you select or echo some odd string on the end of the file (being careful it is not sorted), then when it arrives, you are done. Some people like to send a row total or checksum, for validation. Of course, something terrible might have gone wrong in an earlier query, so egrepping for nasty or happy phrases in the log is also good. And of course, you have to remove the trailer from the tabular data at some point.

Many apps write a substitute path until things are done, like downloads going into an *.part file. For uploads, you can upload each file to temp.tmp and then move/mv/rename it when you like it, which might just be when the upload is done, or when it also has the right size. For downloads, you need the other end to signal the file is ready, and then you need to mark the file ready to process, and again, renaming is very effective. The directory inode lock is your lock.

Some sites send an ack file with the count or empty, just to say the other, main file is OK, but I prefer using the name itself. What happens if an ack file is left around (unless the name has a date component)?
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