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Old 01-04-2013
Concate a string in awk

Hello Community,

i have a litte Problem with concating a string in an awk command.

val_arr=( $( cat myfile |  awk '
  NR==1 { name=$2} 
  NR==3 { dateformat=$9 OFS $6 OFS $8 OFS $7 OFS $10}
  NR==4 { length=$8}
  NR==5 { progress=int($3) }
  END{print name,dateformat,length,progress};
  ' ) )

echo ${val_arr[0]}
echo ${val_arr[1]}
echo ${val_arr[2]}
echo ${val_arr[3]}



But the Output should look like this:

16:44:51 Fri 4 Jan 2013

It looks like that print split the variable dateformat and give it to the Array.
That mean that the array looks like this:

val_arr[0] = Testtool2
val_arr[1] = 16:44:51 
val_arr[2] = Fri 
val_arr[3] = 4 
val_arr[4] = Jan 
val_arr[5] = 2013

Somehow how could help?

Greetz demonking

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Old 01-04-2013
read arr <<< $(awk '
  NR==1 {name=$2}
  NR==3 {dateformat=$9 FS $6 FS $8 FS $7 FS $10}
  NR==4 {lngth=$8}
  NR==5 {progress=int($3)
END {print name, dateformat, lngth, progress}
' OFS="|" myfile)
set -- "$arr"
IFS="|"; declare -a val_arr=($*)
echo "${val_arr[0]}"
echo "${val_arr[1]}"
echo "${val_arr[2]}"
echo "${val_arr[3]}"

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Old 01-05-2013
Hello rdrtx1 ,

thanks for your repley.

I get an error:

awk: syntax error at source line 4
 context is
	  NR==4 { >>>  length= <<< $8 }
awk: illegal statement at source line 5

Why is there this error?

Edit: Is there an other possiblity ?
I mean to convert the NR==3 expression to one string without splitting it .
Because i need it only in this format i has written in the first post

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Old 01-05-2013
I presume you are using bash or similar. bash seems to make a difference between assigning a list of space separated strings to an array variable and assigning the result of a command substitution of same format. Me too, I could not get it to work, other than using the workaround
var=( $(awk '
             NR==1 { name=$1} 
             NR==3 { dat=$4 "_" $1 "_" $3 "_" $2 "_" $6}
             NR==4 { leng=$1}
             NR==5 { progress=int($1) }
             END{print name, dat, leng, progress};
            ' file ) )
echo ${var[1]}

BTW - the error is originating from you using the reserved word length (function in awk)

After a lot of fiddling around - try this one:
$ eval var=( $(awk '
              NR==1 { name=$1} 
              NR==3 { dat=$4 " " $1 " " $3 " " $2 " " $6}
              NR==4 { leng=$1}
              NR==5 { progress=int($1) }
              END {print "\""name"\" \"" dat"\" \""leng"\" \""progress"\""};
             ' file ) )
$ echo ${var[1]}
13:55:17 Sat 5 Jan 2013

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Old 01-05-2013
shame over me Smilie

Thanks for your help RudiC.

Now it works
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Old 01-05-2013
Welcome - and don't feel ashamed. Everyone has his or her blind spots/blind moments.
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Old 01-05-2013
on the error mentioned above: do not use length as a variable name. If is defined as a function.
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