Multiple attachments using mutt

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Multiple attachments using mutt

I am trying to attach multiple files using mutt command, and all file names to be attached are taken from a flat file. and mutt command is called from a bash script when :

1. Script execution is completed.
2. Script execution is interrupted for some reason.

Contents of REPORTS.LOG:

for (( i=0; i<$TOTAL_REPORTS; i++ ))
        a[i]=`sed -n "$((i+1))""p" "REPORTS.LOG"`
        attachments=( "${attachments[@]}" "`echo "-a ${a[i]} "`")
cat XYZ.LOG | mutt `echo "${attachments[@]}"` -s "Test" -b

Issue is :

Sometimes code is executed appropriately and attachments are seen in the email whereas sometimes email is received without attachments and attachmens' file path are seen as broken string in as :

From : jboss@
To : -@;/home/j@;...0.55;mp/a.html@;

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Thanks DGPickett.

I shall try this now.

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Not sure what's going wrong. Above solution works independently when run as a stand-alone command , but when run from within the script, it fails and no attachments are seen in the email. What we get is as mentioned above.

Any solution please........

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It works when we change the order of mutt switches, i.e. put attachments at last.
cat XYZ.LOG | mutt  -s "Test" -b `echo "${attachments[@]}"`

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Maybe someone is gobbling up the -- or something like that. In some situations, the shell quotes together the subshell output, so passing it through a variable or function call may be needed to break it up. You can put a "truss/strace/tusc -fae -o /tmp/mutt.$$.tr" prefix on mutt in the shell script and see in detail what the actual call is like. Putting the attachment list last is a nice workaround, though.
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The workaround of putting attachments list at last does not work always. There is something that breaks the attachments and appends ip to broken substrings but not sure what Smilie
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Again, strace/truss/tusc can tell you what is happening and what is being called. mutt should work if the command line and environment are preserved.
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Computer Using sendmail

        # ------------------------ #
        # --- Sendmail Headers --- #
        # ------------------------ #
        echo "From:"
        echo "To:"
        echo "MIME-Version: 1.0"
        echo "Subject: Test mail attachment"
        echo 'Content-Type: multipart/mixed; boundary="-q1w2e3r4t5"'
        echo "---q1w2e3r4t5"

        # ------------------------ #
        # ---- Sendmail Body ----- #
        # ------------------------ #
        echo "Content-Type: text/plain"
        echo "Content-Disposition: inline"
        echo '---q1w2e3r4t5'
        cat XYZ.LOG
        echo '---q1w2e3r4t5'

        # ------------------------ #
        # - Sendmail Attachments - #
        # ------------------------ #
        while read file
                echo "Content-Type: text/plain; charset=US-ASCII; name=$file"
                echo "Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=$file"
                echo '---q1w2e3r4t5'
                cat $file
                echo '---q1w2e3r4t5'
        done < REPORTS.LOG
        echo '---q1w2e3r4t5--'
} > sendmail.txt

/usr/lib/sendmail -t < sendmail.txt

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