Shell grammar question: logical OR in test

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Old 10-29-2012
Shell grammar question: logical OR in test

I am trying to check if two input files exist before the rest of the scripts is run. Following is the code that I have but it gives me syntax error.

if [ ! -f /lv8/diamond/shprod/data/hcfadata.dat || ! -f /lv8/diamond/shprod/data/PDPhcfadata.dat  ]
echo "File not found"
echo "File found"

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Old 10-29-2012
try with [[ ]]

if [[ ! -f /lv8/diamond/shprod/data/hcfadata.dat || ! -f /lv8/diamond/shprod/data/PDPhcfadata.dat  ]]

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Old 10-29-2012
if [ ! -f /lv8/diamond/shprod/data/hcfadata.dat ] || [ ! -f /lv8/diamond/shprod/data/PDPhcfadata.dat ]

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Old 10-29-2012
[ ! -f /lv8/diamond/shprod/data/hcfadata.dat -o ! -f /lv8/diamond/shprod/data/PDPhcfadata.dat  ]


[ ! -f /lv8/diamond/shprod/data/hcfadata.dat ] || [ ! -f /lv8/diamond/shprod/data/PDPhcfadata.dat  ]

or (not standard):

[[ ! -f /lv8/diamond/shprod/data/hcfadata.dat || ! -f /lv8/diamond/shprod/data/PDPhcfadata.dat  ]]

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