finding the strings beween 2 characters "/" & "/" in .txt file

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Old 10-25-2012
finding the strings beween 2 characters "/" & "/" in .txt file

Hi all.
I have a .txt file that I need to sort it
My file is like:
1- 88     chain0  MASTER  (FF-TE)  FFFF  1962510  /TCK          T    FD2TQHVTT1   /jtagc/jtag_instreg/updateinstr_reg_1                                                                              dff1    (TI,SO)         
2-  168    chain0  MASTER  (FF-TE)  FFFF  1961590  /TCK          T    FD1TQNHVTT1  /io_toplevel/pti/bsr_top_inst/bc_pad_cell_PAD_80/u_bc2_obe        
3-  293    chain0  MASTER  (FF-TE)  FFFF  1948940  /TCK          T    FD2TQHVTT1   /external_tdrs/comp_cell_read_shift_reg/data_tdo_reg                                                               dff1    (TI,SO)  

What I need is to first find the string between 2nd and 3rd "/" that here means
in line 1:
jtagc , 2:io_toplevel 3:external_tdrs and then make another .txt file with that name(the one that is found) and put all the same cases in that file and remove from main list
So at the end create for example 3files :
(Text file is more than 50K lines, so the code should be capable to search line by line)
Thanks in advance Smilie
And sorry for my long question Smilie

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Old 10-25-2012
What about:
awk -F/ '{print $3}' infile

or do you mean to sort it:
sort -t/ -k3,3 infile

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Old 10-25-2012
Let me expand Scrutinizer's suggestion:
awk -F/ '{print $3>$3".txt"; $3="";print}' OFS="/" file

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Old 10-25-2012
Or maybe:
awk -F/ '{print $3 > $3 ".txt"}' infile

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Old 10-25-2012
Thanks for your answers
Tnx to Rudic and Frankling52 your codes both works
the only thing that is misses (I think due to my bad description) is that I need all the line in new file, I mean for example when I have
405 chain0 MASTER (FF-TE) FFFF 1962349 /TCK T FD2TQHVTT1 /jtagc/jtag_censorreg/jtag_test_ctrl_reg_36 dff1 (TI,SO)

and I find "jtagc" I want first remove this line from source file and second I need to move all this line to "jtagc.txt" (And for sure the same for other jtagc iterations)
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Old 10-25-2012
OK, so you want all lines that contain "jtagc" in the file "jtagc.txt" and so on, no lines retained in the original file. Then try
awk -F/ '{print >>$3".txt"}' OFS="/" file

You may need to close($3".txt") the output files if they exceed the number of allowed concurrently open files.
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Old 10-25-2012
Originally Posted by RudiC
OK, so you want all lines that contain "jtagc" in the file "jtagc.txt" and so on, no lines retained in the original file. Then try
awk -F/ '{print >>$3".txt"}' OFS="/" file

You don't need to use >> here > will do the purpose...Smilie
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