Swap of fields dynamically

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Error Swap of fields dynamically

Dear Friends,

I have file a.txt


i am using the below code to swap the fields in file
awk -F\| '{print $5,$1,$2,$3,$4,$6,$7,$8}' OFS=\| a.txt > output.txt


The above command is working fine. I am trying make it dynamic for swpping the field.I am struck where and how to start .My inputs should be the which column should come in first field and rest moving other side .Please find example for the above file

Swapfields.sh a.txt 5 8 
5= First field in putputfile
8=number of fields.

Plz help.
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$ awk -v x=5 '{printf $x; for(i=1;i<=NF;i++)if(i!=x)printf "|%s",$i;print "";}' FS="|"  file

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Without any validations:
awk -F\| -v first=5 -v num=8 '{
printf "%s", $first
  printf "|%s",$i
printf "\n"
}' file

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This is my script. name is test.sh

$ cat test.sh
file=$1 #file name
FIR=$2 # first field to print
FILD=$3 # Number of fields

awk -v first="$FIR" -v Field="$FILD" -F "|" '{ s=$first; for(i=1;i<=Field;i++){if(i != first){s=s"|"$i}}{print s}}' $file

$ sh test.sh file 6 7

$ sh test.sh file 5 8

$ cat file

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@Guru. Thanks for the quick response. it is working as expected. I have used the same in my script . Smilie Smilie

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@elixir,Pamu. Thanks for the reply. Your solution works perfect Smilie Smilie Need to learn more from You all and this forum makes me to learn and share my knowledge Smilie Smilie
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