a column containing multiple patterns perl

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# 1  
a column containing multiple patterns perl

If U have a question
if a file is 
33 ABC 276  LRR pir  UJU
45  BCD 777  HIGH pred IJJ
67  BGH  66  LRR_1 prcc KIK
77  GYH  88   LOW pol KKK

So if each column in this file contain "LRR", "LOW", "HIGH" then print 1 otherwise 0
this command as below.

perl -lne '$a++ if /LRR/,/LOW/, /HIGH/; END {print $a+0}'

Whether it is ok and any other option are there .....
# 2  
Post desired output for this sample data.
# 3  
The output is 1 as this sampled data contain all three "LRR", "LOW", "HIGH" in a file.

But if you have the sampled data like this
45 BCD 777 HIGH pred IJJ
77 GYH 88 LOW pol KKK

Then if you use the same command as mentioned ..still the ouput print is 1 which should be zero (0)
as this file does not contain "LRR".

So if u have all desired then print 1 otherwise 0.
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