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Shell script to extract data in repeating tags from xml

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Shell script to extract data in repeating tags from xml
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Shell script to extract data in repeating tags from xml


I am new to shell scripting. I need to extract data between repeating tags from an xml file and store the data in an array to process it further.

<ns1:root xmlns:ns1="">


<ns1:operation attribute1="true" attribute2="abd" >

<ns1:operation attribute1="true" attribute2="abd" >


I need to extract the data in the operation tag to an array and later process each of the tags further. Can some one please help me to write a bash script for this?


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What have you tried so far and where did you get stuck?
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I was able to do it with perl script.
while ($string =~ /<ns1:operation(.*?)<\/ns1:operation>/sg) 


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