sudo scripts conundrum

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sudo scripts conundrum

hello; Got a problem running monitoring scripts using sudo ssh.. Mgmt decided to take away root sudoers access.. so most of the scripts ran as:

sudo ssh $BOX ...

Now I need to run them as:

echo $my_pw | sudo -S -l my_user_id $BOX ...

I tried this but not working..

Any wisdom/tricks would be appreciated..
Thank you
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If you were really running 'sudo ssh', no wonder they decided to take away your root access. It makes no sense to login as root locally before logging in as root somewhere else. Try ssh root@host
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It makes no sense to login as root locally before logging in as root somewhere else.
No I do not login locally as root..
However, I am in the sudoers to be root in Remote Boxes that I run scripts against.
Just to clarify, passwordless login to remote boxes for root was taken away
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That'd be ssh sudo, not sudo ssh.

You can arrange passwordless root login by setting up ssh keys.
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