Plz Help. Compare 2 files field by field and get the output in another file.

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Plz Help. Compare 2 files field by field and get the output in another file.
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Old 07-25-2012
Data Plz Help. Compare 2 files field by field and get the output in another file.

Hi Freinds,
I have 2 files . one is source.txt and second one is target.txt. I want to keep source.txt as baseline and compare target.txt. please find the data in 2 files and Expected output.



Expected output should be :

Number of Extra records in Source file : 2

Number of mismatches:
2 |3 |ESW |EW
2 |5 |36.5 |33.5
5 |3 |NAV |NV

Please help. I am Very new to Unix shell scripting . Smilie Smilie

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Old 07-25-2012
I guess this is already discussed!! I saw almost the same examples too!! Smilie
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Old 07-25-2012
Hi Pikka45 , yes we have done this with the follwing code

paste -d '|' File1.txt File2.txt | awk -F '|' '{c=NF/2;for(i=1;i<=c;i++)if($i!=$(i+c))printf "line %-5s field %s\n",NR,i}'

The above code is used only for the below condition :

1)when we have equal number of records where all the keyfields (let assume first field) present in both the source.txt and target.txt

2) When we have source.txt.count < target.txt.count and all the keyfields (let assume 1st filed) are present in both the source.txt and target.txt.

3) it is not working when source.txt.count > target.txt.count and if there are mismatches .

I hope you understand the above cases. Kindly help if there is any chance to cover the 3rd senario. Smilie

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Hi Friends, Can anyone look into the Thread .. Plz help..
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Old 07-25-2012
Hi, check this


while read sLine; do
    sTab=( $sLine );
    tLine="$(egrep "^"${sTab[0]} target.txt)"
    if [ -z "$tLine" ]; then echo "$sLine" >>extra.txt; IFS="$OFS"; continue; fi
    tTab=( $tLine );
    for (( i = 1 ; i < ${#sTab[@]} ; i++ )); do
        [ "${sTab[$i]}" = "${tTab[$i]}" ] || echo "${sTab[0]}|$i|${sTab[$i]}|${tTab[$i]}" >>mismatch.txt
done <source.txt

echo "Number of Extra records in Source file : $(cat extra.txt|wc -l)"
cat extra.txt

echo "Number of mismatches : $(cat mismatch.txt|wc -l)"
cat mismatch.txt

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Old 07-25-2012
@Chirel : Thank you so much Smilie Smilie it worked as expected. I have one doubt. if i use for some 50,000 records with 50 columns it is taking more time. is there any way we can reduce the timing and increase the performance ? Plz help ..
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Old 07-26-2012

open my $fh,"<a.txt";
	my @tmp = split("[|]",$_);
	my @t = @tmp[1..$#tmp];
	$hash{$tmp[0]} = \@t;
close $fh;
	my @tmp = split("[|]",$_);
	if(not exists $hash{$tmp[0]}){
		my @t = @{$hash{$tmp[0]}};
		my @diff;
		for(my $i=0;$i<=$#t;$i++){
			if($t[$i] ne $tmp[$i+1]){
				push @diff, ($i+2,$t[$i],$tmp[$i+1]);
		print join "|", ($tmp[0],@diff) if $#diff>=0;
		print "\n";


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