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HELP with AWK one-liner. Need to employ an If condition inside AWK to check for array variable ?

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting HELP with AWK one-liner. Need to employ an If condition inside AWK to check for array variable ?
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Old 07-10-2012
Question HELP with AWK one-liner. Need to employ an If condition inside AWK to check for array variable ?

Hello experts,

I'm stuck with this script for three days now. Here's what i need.
I need to split a large delimited (,) file into 2 files based on the value present in the last field.
Samp: Something.csv

I need this split into 2 files with C records in file and the rest in another.
I'm using the below awk :
awk -F, '{if($NF=="12C"||$NF=="13C")print >"splitC.csv";else print >"slitA.csv"}' SOMTHING.csv

This works fine. But i have around 50(or more in the future) different values for C such as 12C, 13C, 18C, 19C, 26C, ... I don't want to hard-code these values with the "||" clause in the above if condition.
Is there a way i can store this in a variable array. or in a variable as a string and manage to check for this condition ??

I tried writing an AWK block, etc to manage this, but to no success.
Please help me on this.

Thanks Gurus!

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Old 07-10-2012
why don't you use regular expressions? Something like
$NF ~ /.*C$/ { print > "splitC.csv" }

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Old 07-10-2012
awk -F, '$NF ~ /C$/ {print > "splitC.csv";next}1' inputfile > splitother.csv

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Old 07-10-2012
If the values where truly different:
awk -F, -v vA="12C,13C" 'BEGIN{split(vA,a,",");for (i in a){b[a[i]]++}}{fic= $NF in b ? "splitC.csv" : "splitB.csv" ; print $0>>fic}' infile.csv

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Old 07-10-2012
Using the last character in each line...
$ cat Something.csv

$ awk '{print substr($0,length)}' Something.csv

$ awk '{print > "split" substr($0,length) ".csv"}' Something.csv

$ head split?.csv
==> splitA.csv <==

==> splitC.csv <==


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Old 07-10-2012
Splendid, Guys!
I'm going by Klsshxx's way. It works like a charm and fits my requirement like a glove.

116@434 and elixir_sinari's tips are also very helpful.

Thanks for the quick response!!
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Old 07-10-2012
[root@node2 ~]# sed -n '/C$/!p' infile
[root@node2 ~]# sed -n '/C$/p' infile

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