Combining files

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Combining files

Hi I have about 108 files (text files) that end with .avg and each one of these files have a distinct name that describes what is in the file. In each file there is a set of 80 values that are tab separated. I want to combine all 108 files into ONE main file.

So each file is named:


in each file there are 80 numerical values:

0  2  4  5  6  7  8  3  1 etc...

I want to combine all 108 files so the ONE main file looks like this:

1.avg  0  2  4  5  6  7  8  3  1 etc....
2.avg 2  1  3  45  2  1  1  3 etc...

Any help would be great...a quick and fast way would be the best.

Thank you

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See if this will do it for you:
for x in `ls *.avg`
  cat ${x} >> new_file

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hey thanks for the help. however it does not put the name of the file into the final file.

if someone has a solution then it would be great


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Ok, Try this:
for x in `ls *.avg`
  perl -nle '{ print $ARGV . " " . $_ }' $x >> new_file

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Simple way ..
$ awk '{print FILENAME" "$0}' *.avg

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Try this one
 cat *.avg >new_file

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