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awk to retrieve the particular value from a same list of xml tags

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting awk to retrieve the particular value from a same list of xml tags
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Power awk to retrieve the particular value from a same list of xml tags

Hi All,

I have the following code in one of my xml file:


Now, I want to retrieve the <com:value> for "secretKey" Parameter. Please help me out..
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awk '$0 ~ "<com:name>secretKey<\/com:name>" {getline;FS=">|<";print $3}' file

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Originally Posted by shamrock
awk '$0 ~ "<com:name>secretKey<\/com:name>" {getline;FS=">|<";print $3}' file

Throwing the following error while executing the awk command:
awk: warning: escape sequence `\/' treated as plain `/'
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awk -F"<|>" '/<com:name>secretKey</ && getline{print $3}' infile

This User Gave Thanks to Scrutinizer For This Post:
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if the code is in the following:

<name>Email Address Encryption</name>

how to retrieve the "Email Address Encryption" value ie., first <name> value using <scheme> tag from the above code?Smilie

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