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Convert database

We use the MS access database, I want to convert the database to mysql db , could suggest is there any tools / methods that I can export the table and data from access , and import it to the new mysql db ? thx in advance.
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Doesnt MS-Access have an export tool built in? If so use it to create a delimited file. Otherise you can write a VBA procedure to select all rows from a table and dump it into a delimited file on your PC. I dont know MySQL but am familiar with Oracles tools. Oracle has a utility called SQL*Loader that imports datasets from a flat file into the database. Look for something similar.
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If your table structures aren't changing, you could simply unload each access table as a tab delimited file and import them into their MySQL equivalent:

load DATA LOCAL INFILE "<filename>" INTO TABLE <tablename>;


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thx reply , how about the table structure ? how to load the table structure of access to mysql ? thx
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