Directory listing

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Directory listing


I have a directory with a bunch of files say around 150K.

I want the directory's path and the filenames printed to a text file.

If I am in the directory /path/test and the files in this directory are
My output file should be like this
Thanks in advance

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I found it on google.

Hope it helps someone.

ls -d $PWD/*


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That will blow up if there are too many files in the directory. That's a useless use of ls, anyway, since * finds all the files.

ls | awk -v PWD="$PWD" '$0=PWD $0'

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Try this (this does not have a limitation on the number of arguments, since printf is a shell built-in):
printf "%s\n" "$PWD"/*.txt

Originally Posted by Corona688
That's a useless use of ls, anyway, since * finds all the files
In this case the asterisk serves to get the pwd in, without it it will just list the files...

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Hi jacobs.smith,

Using perl:
$ perl -MFile::Spec -e 'for ( glob "*" ) { printf qq[%s\n], File::Spec->rel2abs( $_ ) if -f }'

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Modifying the solution posted in edited post #1 to allow for an empty directory, a directory name containing space characters, or a directory containing subdirectories or other non-files:

ls -1d "${PWD}"/* 2>/dev/null | while read filename
        if [ -f "${filename}" ]
               echo "${filename}"

Ps. Storing 150k files on one directory is a design issue. You can get severe performance issues or even failures.
We can only issue a "ls" command in such a directory if there are enough resources to sort the list (the unix "ls" command always sorts the list) and the o/s will tolerate the command.
If "ls" stops working, use "find" and a custom "sort".

Folowing Scrutinizer's excellent post, I revise as follows (untested): O/P did not specify ".txt" in posted solution.
printf "%s\n" "$PWD"/* | while read filename
        if [ -f "${filename}" ]
               echo "${filename}"

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