how to create custom modules in perl and how to import all modules with single command?

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting how to create custom modules in perl and how to import all modules with single command?
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Old 04-02-2012
how to create custom modules in perl and how to import all modules with single command?

I have some custom functions which i want to use in perl Scripting all time.
i want to How to create modules in perl and how to import them.
Also if i create 15 modules and i want to > import all at once then how can i import?
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native::Base(3) 					User Contributed Perl Documentation					   native::Base(3)

SVN::Base - Base class for importing symbols for svn modules SYNOPSIS
# Load the svn_ra_* functions into the SVN::Ra namespace. package SVN::Ra; use SVN::Base qw(Ra svn_ra_); # Load svn_config_t structure accessors in the magic namcespace # provided by swig, so we could use it returned by other functions package _p_svn_config_t; use SVN::Base qw(Core svn_config_); DESCRIPTION
SVN::Base is a module importing the subversion perl bindings raw symbols created by swig, into proper namespace and make them easier to use. It will also find the accessors for members of a C struct, create an simpler accessor function like "$data->field()" and "$data->field($new_value)". Once you understand the convention of subversion functions in perl bindings, you could look at the subversion api and write them in perl. The API is available in the source header files or online at INTERNALS
The perl bindings of swig wraps raw functions into different perl modules, for example, SVN::_Core, SVN::_Repos. Upon import, SVN::Base bootstrap the requested module if it's not yet loaded, and iterate over the symbols provided in that module, it them puts the function with prefix trimmed in the namespace of the caller for this import. The 3rd through the last parameter is a list of symbol endings that you wish for SVN::Base not to import into your namespace. This is useful for cases where you may want to import certaion symbols differently than normally. CAVEATS
SVN::Base consider a function as structure member accessor if it is postfixed ``_get'' or ``_set''. Real functions with this postfixes will need extra handling. AUTHORS
Chia-liang Kao <> COPYRIGHT
Copyright (c) 2003 CollabNet. All rights reserved. This software is licensed as described in the file COPYING, which you should have received as part of this distribution. The terms are also available at If newer versions of this license are posted there, you may use a newer version instead, at your option. This software consists of voluntary contributions made by many individuals. For exact contribution history, see the revision history and logs, available at perl v5.12.1 2004-12-04 native::Base(3)

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