compare 2 files and show count same content.

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting compare 2 files and show count same content.
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compare 2 files and show count same content.

$ cat File1
Non HTTP response
000000005143329Load time: 402335410224
Non HTTP response code:
000000005143330Load time: 402305687161
Non HTTP response code:
000000005143331Load time: 402396601449
Non HTTP response
000000005143332Load time: 402357111740

$ cat File2
000000005143329Load time: 402335410224:12022500000562783849
000000005143330Load time: 402305687161:12022500000562783852
000000005143331Load time: 402396601449:12022500000562783856

result expected:
000000005143329Load time: 402335410224: 402335410224 is OK.
000000005143330Load time: 402305687161: 402305687161 is OK.
000000005143331Load time: 402396601449: 402396601449 is OK.
000000005143332Load time: 402357111740: 402357111740 is Not the same.

Please to advise me.

Thank Very Much.
Lee Ha Jun.
# 2  
You could use awk:

awk -F: 'NR == FNR {
  f2[$1, $2]; next
!/HTTP/ {
  printf "%s: %s: %s is %s.\n", $1, $2, $2, \
    ($1, $2) in f2 ? "OK" : "Not the same" 
  }' file2 file1

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