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Need to replace particular content in a xml file

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Need to replace particular content in a xml file
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Old 01-29-2012
Need to replace particular content in a xml file

My requirement is to find a text and replace it with another in a XML file.
I am new to Unix,Please provide some suggestion to achieve.

<Style ss:ID="ColumnHeader1">

Replace with:
 <Style ss:ID="ColumnHeader1">
    <Border ss:Position="Bottom" ss:LineStyle="Continuous"ss:Weight="1"/>
    <Border ss:Position="Top" ss:LineStyle="Continuous" ss:Weight="1"/>

Thanks In Advance

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Old 01-29-2012
sed '/ColumnHeader1.*/ { i\
<Border ss:Position="Bottom" ss:LineStyle="Continuous"ss:Weight="1"/>
<Border ss:Position="Top" ss:LineStyle="Continuous" ss:Weight="1"/>

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Old 01-29-2012
val='<Borders>\n<Border ss:Position="Bottom" ss:LineStyle="Continuous"ss:Weight="1"/>\n<Border ss:Position="Top"
 ss:LineStyle="Continuous" ss:Weight="1"/>\n</Borders>'

sed '/<Style ss:ID="ColumnHeader1">/ a '"$val"' ' infile

To make the changes inline, use -i option
sed -i '/<Style ss:ID="ColumnHeader1">/ a '"$val"' ' infile

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Old 01-30-2012
Hi Ahamed,
I am getting the below error while executing your solution.
sed: Function /<Style ss:ID="ColumnHeader1">/ a <Borders>\n<Border ss:Position="Bottom" ss:LineStyle="Continuous"ss:Weight="1"/>\n<Border ss:Position="Top" cannot be parsed.

Can you look into this?

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Old 01-30-2012
You should use the "$val" in sed. Did you do that? And moreover it should be one single line literally separated by \n.


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