$0 doesn't have full directory path

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Old 01-18-2012
$0 doesn't have full directory path

I'm running AIX unix korn shell. If I echo $0, I only get the filename, it does not have the directory name also. So when I do: `dirname $0` it returns a . (meaning current directory). How get $0 to return the full path/filename? Do I need something in my .profile? Thank you.
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Old 01-18-2012
$0 will equal however the program is called on the command line.

I believe you want the "whence" command, combined with the basename command.

$ cat efs1

program=$(whence $(basename ${0}))

print $program

exit 0

No matter how it is called, you get the full path:
$ efs1
$ ./efs1
$ /home2/blahblah/efs1

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Old 01-19-2012
The whence didn't help either.
unix script:

echo zero: $0

dir1=`dirname $0`
echo dir1: $dir1

program=$(whence $(dirname ${0}))
echo $program

zero: dirname_test1.sh
dir1: .

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Old 01-19-2012
program=$(whence $0)
program_dir=$(cd $(dirname $program);pwd)

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Old 01-19-2012
You don't want to do a whence on the dirname, but on the basename. Basename is the name of the program that is running, less the path of however it was called. Whence will return the path to the basename.
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Old 01-19-2012
I found it - at the command line when I type in the full path of the shell script the $0 will be the full path with filename. Before at the command line I was in the directory and just typing the shell script name. Thanks
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Old 01-19-2012
Exactly, that is why you want to strip out the path part of $0 by using basename first.
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