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Replace specific field on specific line sed or awk

shell scripts

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Old 11-26-2011
Replace specific field on specific line sed or awk

I'm trying to update a text file via sed/awk, after a lot of searching I still can't find a code snippet that I can get to work.

Brief overview:
I have user input a line to a variable, I then find a specific value in this line 10th field in this case. After asking for new input and doing some arithmetic I'd like to replace the 10th field on the 4th line(assuming user chose 4) in the input file.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance
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Old 11-26-2011
Sample input and expected output will help us to help you...

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Old 11-26-2011
Update the mileage on a bike
assume line 4 is:

I've extracted the 10th field of the 4th line i.e. 7000.
User enters 12000 (new odometer reading)
If the difference is greater than 4000 (scheduled maintenance), I need to "service" the bike and update the mileage.

Replace 4th line, 10th field with new odometer reading
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Old 11-26-2011
Try this...
awk -F: '{if($0~bike&&new_mileage-$10>=4000){$10=new_mileage}}1' bike=Suzuki new_mileage=12000 OFS=":" input_file



read -p "Which bike ? : " bike
read -p "Enter new mileage : " new_mileage
old_mileage=$( sed "/$bike/{s/.*:\([0-9]*\)$/\1/g}" input_file )
if [ $diff -ge 4000 ]
        sed "/$bike/{s/$old_mileage$/$new_mileage/g}" input_file

Use -i option with sed to make the changes inline i.e. directly

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Old 11-26-2011

I have a large number of these not specific to values, so I was hoping to replace $# rather than specific values.

Also wouldn't the sed replace all the values? Thanks for the -i that might be what I was missing

    #prob pipe was not needed but I ccouldn't get the syntax, revisiting later
    old_mileage=$(awk -F':' '{print $10}' motorcycles.txt | awk -v line=$1 'FNR==line')
    routine_maint=$(awk -F':' '{print $6}' motorcycles.txt | awk -v line=$1 'FNR==line')
    (( difference=current_mileage-old_mileage ))
        if [ "$difference" -ge "$routine_maint" ]; then
            echo "Overdue"
            #do stuff here ie maintenance
            echo "else"

But I have 5 different function i.e. front tire, rear tire, chain, etc and I'm hoping to just change the $# to update for the specific function
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Old 11-26-2011
You can replace with sed also but it might get difficult to form the regex. AWK will be pretty easy!


---------- Post updated at 02:16 PM ---------- Previous update was at 02:05 PM ----------

old_mileage=$( awk -F':' 'FNR==line{print $10}' line=$1 motorcycles.txt )
routine_maint=$( awk -F':' 'FNR==line{print $6}' line=$1 motorcycles.txt )

You don't need 2 awk in your code.
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Old 11-26-2011
awk -F: '{if($0~bike&&new_mileage-$10>=4000){$10=new_mileage}}1' bike=Suzuki new_mileage=12000 OFS=":" input_file

I could change this to awk -F: 'if{(FNR==linenum){$10=new_mileage}}1' linenum=$linenum new_mileage=$new_mileage OFS":" input_file, correct?

Quick question, the 1 following the $10=new_mileage, what's its purpose?
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