Need help for ftp a file from unix to windows server

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Need help for ftp a file from unix to windows server
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Need help for ftp a file from unix to windows server

I have a problem with ftp. i want to ftp a file "file.txt" from unix box to windows server.
The destination folder is something like this:


ftp -v -d -n > ftplog <<!EOF

open windowsservername


cd "\\windowsservername\apps\is\"  /////Here i have problem with windows path

put file.txt  



I was successful while ftp'ing file from UNIX to UNIX server...
My problem is, how to mention the windows path there.I dont have access to windows server. We can just view the refernce directory by searching in the network.

i tried
cd "\\windowsservername\apps\is\"
cd "\\apps\is\"
cd "apps\is\"       :wall:///Nothing is working

Please help me....


Moderator's Comments:
Mod Comment Please use code tags!
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Q1: Does the Windows servers have the FTP (client) services installed and running? (It is not by default...)
# 3  
Yes the windows server have the FTP services installed
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Have you tried to connect yourself via ftp (that means command line - not using your script...) to see where you end and try to find the correct path?
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