regarding Color scheme in linux console connected through putty.

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regarding Color scheme in linux console connected through putty.

Hi All,

I am connecting to SunOs 5.8 server from windows machine through putty. My problem is commands are not showing any colours results. I want to see 'ls' command should list directories in 'red' and files in 'green' etc. How to do it . Please help.

Also How to enable syntax colouring in vi or vim. ? please let me know.
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As far as I know the implementations of these programs (ls, vi) on Sun OS 5.8 don't have those capabilities ...
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How do we know that which server we got connected to ?
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Originally Posted by bobby1015
How do we know that which server we got connected to ?
uname -a is available on most *nix platforms and gives some info on system type.
You could also try cat /etc/*{release,version}, or check the contents of /etc/motd.
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Thanks for that. Mine is SunOS. How can I get the color scheme in SunOS?
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As radoulov said, ls on SunOS doesn't support colour. An alternative might be to install the GNU version (which is part of coreutils).

The vim command for syntax highlighting is just :syntax on. Again, it may not be supported on the version you have.
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