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Help related to Script to move files depending on config values

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Old 10-24-2011
Help related to Script to move files depending on config values

Hi All,

I am new to Unix scripting, I have requirement where I need to read the key value pair from config file.
Sample Config file:
Key(File Pattern) Value(File Directory location)
test /Users/Bkumar/Downloads/testdir
prod /Users/Bkumar/Downloads/proddir

Now I need to write a unix script(bash)
1) To read the key value pairs
2) After fetching key value pair , we need to search in the source(ex Source Dir) directory if there are any matches to the key, if yes then we need move the files to destination directory(present in value Ex testdir ) .

If any one have done this kind of script please do the needful.

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Old 10-24-2011
Some hints
while read key value
  #  man find
done < config.file

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