creating a script using the case conditional

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting creating a script using the case conditional
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creating a script using the case conditional

hello, i am a newbie who is just starting to use liunx, and I need to accept a string from the terminal and use case to echo a suitable message if the string doesn’t have at least 10 characters. Also, how would I do the same thing using expr?
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expr is not really needed with bash. It is faster to use bash's built-ins. And "case" is not a great choice either. How about:

((${#var}<10)) && echo too short
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thanx, that works for me as well. do you know what the script would look like using the case conditional?
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echo "read input"
read str

case $((${#str}<10)) in
    echo "too short "
    echo "ok now .."

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