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Sed or awk : pattern selection based on special characters

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Old 09-06-2011
Power Sed or awk : pattern selection based on special characters

Hello All,

I am here again scratching my head on pattern selection with special characters.

I have a large file having around 200 entries and i have to select a single line based on a pattern.

I am able to do that:


cat mytest.txt | awk -F: '/myregex/ { print $2}'

Output is as below:


now i have to split this output and pass only
to a variable

i am trying this sed command ..but somehow this is not solving the purpose.

Any help where i am going wrong

cat mytest.txt | awk -F: '/myregex/ { print $2}' | sed 's/^[/  ^.]//'

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Old 09-06-2011
Please post the line from the input file that you're interested in.
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Old 09-06-2011
echo '//' | sed -r 's //([^.]*).* \1 '

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Old 09-06-2011
No need to cat mytest.txt...
awk -F: '/myregex/ { print $2}' mytest.txt | sed 's;/\{1,\};;'

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Old 09-06-2011
awk -F"[:/]" '/myregex/ { print $(NF-2)}' mytest.txt

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Old 09-06-2011

Try this,
awk -F: '/myregex/ {gsub(/\//,"",$2);split($2,a,"."); print a[1];}' input_file


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Old 09-13-2011
Thanks Ranga.. Its perfect...


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