can't understand!

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Old 08-12-2011
can't understand!

Hi All,

can you please help me to figured out what's the meaning of this.

${SERVER_DATABASE} -b << EOF 2>>/dev/null

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Old 08-12-2011
The posted command is not a complete one. You could check about the Here document to get an idea first. And request you to have your title of the thread to be edited as it does not convey what you really want.
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Old 08-12-2011
thank you sir.
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Old 08-12-2011
<< EOF 2>>

It's definitely a spaceship (UFO) with the name "EOF 2" )))
${SERVER_DATABASE} - a command, maybe with some options. It was saved in the variable SERVER_DATABASE,
-b - option. I think it takes a string as an argument,
<< EOF - start of here document. The next lines in the scirpt before the line with the only word EOF will be passed as argument to $SERVER_DATABASE command,
2>>/dev/null - no much meaning. It should be 2>/dev/null - redirect stderr to nothing to get rid of error messages on the terminal.

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