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Delete words greater than a specific length

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Delete words greater than a specific length
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Old 07-21-2011
Delete words greater than a specific length

HI All,

I have a file with contents like this:


I want to remove all lines with length greater than "18 alphabets". Hence, my output should be:


This is what I have tried:

awk 'length($0)>=18 filename'

I could find the length of the string but could not delete the lines.

I am using Linux with BASH.
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Old 07-21-2011
Those are not restricted to alpha characters though ...

grep -v '.\{19\}' infile

sed '/.\{19\}/d' infile

With awk*:

awk 'length <= 18' infile

* Using the length function without arguments is not portable.

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