KSH - How to use a file as input to an IF or AWK statement

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KSH - How to use a file as input to an IF or AWK statement


I have a ksh script where I have an awk statement to exclude a few items... but my "few items" has now grown substantially and I'm looking for a nice compact way of doing this. Maybe putting the exceptions into a file or something? Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
# Excluded items

# Results from another command are being piped to this awk statement.
awk '{if ($4 != "'"$DATE"'" && $2 != "'"$JOB1"'" && $2 != "'"$JOB2"'" && $2 != "'"$JOB3"'" && $2 != "'"$JOB4"'") print $1" "$2" "$4}' >> $FILE

Excluded items has grown to over 30...


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awk 'BEGIN {        while(getline <"filename") REJECT[N++]=$0 }
        for(M=0; p&&(M<N); M++)
        if($4 == REJECT[M]) p=0;
        if(p) print ...
}' filename2

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