how to combine two files into one file using shell scrip

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting how to combine two files into one file using shell scrip
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how to combine two files into one file using shell scrip

file 1 has:

4  0 8628380 653253   0   0   0   0    0   0 
 2  0 8626407 655222   0   0   0   0    0   0 
 4  0 8633729 647892   0   0   0   0    0   0 
 5  0 8646253 635367   0   0   0   0    0   0

file 2 has:

4798 48717 11554 
5408 56487 14359 
6010 58415 15220 
5541 41044 12675

I want to make a file 3 like: ( appending each line of file2 in file1 )

4  0 8628380 653253   0   0   0   0    0   0 4798 48717 11554 
 2  0 8626407 655222   0   0   0   0    0   0 5408 56487 14359 
 4  0 8633729 647892   0   0   0   0    0   0 6010 58415 15220 
 5  0 8646253 635367   0   0   0   0    0   0 5541 41044 12675

any advice will be highly appreciated.
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paste file1 file2

This User Gave Thanks to cabrao For This Post:
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looks good, Thanks Cabrao~
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