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[Perl] Sorting an String-Array

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Old 11-26-2010
[Perl] Sorting an String-Array

i have a txtfile with the format <Nr>tab<word>tab<other stuff>new line and i want to sort the <word>-colum with a perl script.

My textfile:
<Nr>tab<word>tab<other stuff>new line
6807	die	ART.Acc.Sg.Fem
6426	der	ART.Gen.Sg.Fem
2	die	ART.Nom.Sg.Fem
87	auf	APPR.--
486	nicht	PTKNEG.--
4767	der	ART.Nom.Sg.Masc
4332	den	ART.Acc.Sg.Masc
4182	zu	PTKZU.--

i found this posting, but i am to stupid to find a fitting REGEX for my program =(

so i've got 1to5 numbers, a tab (\t), the word , another tab and some random stuff

can you please help me =(

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Old 11-26-2010
This will sort based on the second column, and the first if the second is equal
perl -e '@lines = <>;
print sort {
    ( $aa, $ab ) = ( $a =~ /^(\d+)\t(.*?)\t/ );
    ( $ba, $bb ) = ( $b =~ /(^\d+)\t(.*?)\t/ );
    $ab cmp $bb || $aa <=> $ba
} @lines;
' yourfile

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