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Shell script to query Oracle table

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Old 11-18-2010
Shell script to query Oracle table

Hi, unix gurnis
I need help for following requirement for writing a shell scritp.
log in to oracle database, query one table total records (select count(*) from table1), pass the return value to a file.

Thanks in advance
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Old 11-18-2010
There are quite a few ways to do it..on of which is
# saving the file as get_count.ksh

sqlplus -s $1/$2@$3 << EOF >> output_file.txt 2>&1
set newpage 0
set heading off
set feedback off
set linesize 9999
set pagesize 0
select count(*) from table1;

run as
./get_count.ksh db_username passwd database

As you would know in place of db_username passwd database give the respective database names etc..
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Old 11-18-2010
Thanks Michael,
It is really helpful.

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