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reading in properties file

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Old 11-12-2010
reading in properties file

Am new to this scripting stuff so bear with me.
I got a script made now that reads in a properties file. The properties file is in the following format:
256= Bos, Sea, FRa
128= HEL
I want to be able to read in each line of the file and split out the letter fields by the numbered field. This way I can compare the lettered field to another value I have thus I will know which corrisponding number to set. Basically have a script now which starts up a worker and I need to know which number to set for each individual branch. Hope this makes sense. thanks
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Old 11-12-2010
Well, if you first write a display all, you can 'grep' that down to see on by either # or letters.
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Old 11-12-2010
# cat converttable
256= Bos, Sea, FRa
128= HEL

# cat file
Sea This HELis Testing Line in my document
ThisBos HELisTesting....
FRaSea Sea_FRa_HEL_Sea_Testing...

# ./justdoit file
Org File...
Sea This HELis Testing Line in my document
ThisBos HELisTesting....
FRaSea Sea_FRa_HEL_Sea_Testing...
Converted File...
256 This 128is Testing Line in my document
This256 128isTesting....
256256 256_256_128_256_Testing...

# ## justdoit ##
cp "$1" fileX
 for i in $(sed -e 's/^.*=\|,//g' converttable | sed  -e :a -e 'N;s/\n//' -e 'ta')
   convertto=$(sed -n "s/\(.*\)= .*\($i\).*/\1/p" converttable)
   sed -i "s/$i/$convertto/g" fileX
echo -e "Org File...\n====================="
more "$1"
echo ""
echo -e "Converted File...\n=================="
more fileX

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