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Profile use

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Profile use


does anyway know how I can make a script which resides in dir:


available to other users without them having to set their environment to

export PATH

in their profiles. This is done so they can simply type myscript on the command line.

i.e. I don't want every user having to update their profiles or even using them. Is there an easier way to have control of users settings? by the way I am just another user so I haven't got access to /local/bin etc so this would be my own directory.
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They could just type the full path to the script?

Or, you could always ask (nicely) an Admin to add the path in /etc/profile, /etc/environment, or some such. But that might fall on deaf ears.

Would it really kill them just to add either the path, or an alias to the script, in their .profile?

edit: or a sysadmin-created sym-link in some public bin directory (I forgot to mention), as cabrao says Smilie
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If you are not 'root' in order to update /etc/profile or in order to create a symbolic link to /usr/local/bin or something, I believe you are forced to tell users to type full script path or update their PATH variable
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interesting points, yet I guess it leaves me still with the same problem.

ummmm, may have to ask nicely to the admin person then
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On a minor point of syntax there should only be one equals sign in an assignment.

export PATH

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