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how can I modify this script.

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Old 10-07-2010
how can I modify this script.

hello forum members,

I have a script which is used find the Uname and passwords and redirects into a output.txt file.I hardcoded a string "ciadev" but iwant search two more strings also "absdev" and "absprod" So modify this script please.
I am lookinmg forward from you,
please find the below script.
#! /bin/ksh 
echo "Weclome" 
if [ -d final ] 
        rm -rf final #clean the exsisting o/p file 
        mkdir final 
        echo ""User id" "Password"      " >final/output.txt 
        mkdir $HOME/final 
        echo ""User id" "Password"      " >final/output.txt 

for TEMP in `find . -type f` 
        if [ "$TEMP" != "$0" ] 
                op=`grep Ciadev $TEMP | cut -d '-' -f 3,4 | sed 's/uCiadev/Ciadev/g' | sed 's/-P//g'` 
                echo $op >> $HOME/final/output.txt 
echo "show over bye"

Thanks in Advance
Rajkumar g

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Old 10-07-2010
Replace these two lines

op=`grep Ciadev $TEMP | cut -d '-' -f 3,4 | sed 's/uCiadev/Ciadev/g' | sed 's/-P//g'` 
echo $op >> $HOME/final/output.txt


egrep 'Ciadev|absdev|absprod' $TEMP | cut -d '-' -f 3,4 | sed 's/uCiadev/Ciadev/g' | sed 's/-P//g' >> $HOME/final/output.txt

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Old 10-07-2010
egrep- searches multiple items at the same time. Below is the syntax

egrep ciadev|absdev|absprod $TEMP

Though not sure of your requirement..hope something like below could help you to proceed further...

if [ "$TEMP" != "$0" ] 
	for i in ciadev absdev absprod                
		op=`grep $i $TEMP | cut -d '-' -f 3,4 | sed 's/uCiadev/Ciadev/g' | sed 's/-P//g'` 
	        echo $op >> $HOME/final/output.txt

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