sed doubt - search and substitute string from variable.

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting sed doubt - search and substitute string from variable.
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MySQL sed doubt - search and substitute string from variable.

trying to learn more abt sed Smilie

i want to substitute a variable(a) with other variable(b) appended.

Read.txt contains:

input.txt contains:
make test "home/test1/none"version="1.3"
wt's wrong test "home/test2/abc"version="1.0"
make save "home/test/root1"version="1.2"
make try "home/test3/user1"version="1.4"

code tried:
a=`cat read.txt`
for i in $a
sed -e "/$a/s///$a/$b/" input.txt

expected output:
make test "home/test1/none"version="1.3"
wt's wrong test "home/test2/abc_EDITED"version="1.0"
make save "home/test/root1_EDITED"version="1.2"
make try "home/test3/user1"version="1.4"

Thanks in advance Smilie

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#!/usr/bin/env ruby"read.txt").split("\n")"input.txt").each do |x|
  a.each{|i| x.gsub!(/#{i}/,"#{i}_EDITED") }
  puts x

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hi kurumi,
Thanks for ur solution.
I would like to go with sed only, i noticed typo error .sed address pattern shd be $i in my previous post .
still i didnt get the expected output.
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try this,


cp input.txt temp_forum.txt
a=`cat read.txt`

for i in $a
if [ -f temp1_forum.txt ]
cp temp1_forum.txt temp_forum.txt
c=$(echo $i | sed 's/\//\\\//g')
sed  '/'$c'/s//'$c$b'/' temp_forum.txt > temp1_forum.txt
cat temp1_forum.txt
rm temp_forum.txt temp1_forum.txt

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while read i
  sed "s!$i!$i$b!" input.txt > temp
  mv temp input.txt
done < read.txt

If your sed version supports the -i option:

while read i
  sed -i "s!$i!$i$b!" input.txt
done < read.txt

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awk 'NR==FNR{a[$1];next} {for (i in a) {if ($0~i) sub(i,i "_EDITED")}}1' Read.txt input.txt

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thanks to everyone.
i have tested pravin & franklin solution.It worked . i hope other two solutions also works.

I will be more happy if you could explain how it works ?
sed -e "/$a/s///$a/$b/"

Am i not saying address & search pattern are same and substitute where $a is found with $a$b.

Thanks a lot in advance for explaining your sed code logic Smilie

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