lvm/tar/rsync backup script feedback/criticism

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lvm/tar/rsync backup script feedback/criticism

I have written a shell script to perform backups using tar, rsync and optionally utilise lvm snapshots. The script is not finished but is in a working state and comments/descriptions are poor.

I would greatly appreciate any criticism and suggestions of the script to help improve my own learning and the script itself as I have only really started writing my own scripts within the last year or so.

I took most of my inspiration from the following sources:

setting up syslog for distributed application logging | johnandcailin
backing up your xen domains | johnandcailin
USBBackupScript - RdiffBackupWiki
VMware Communities: - Free alternative for backing up VM's for ESX(i) 3.5 and 4.x+ - Updated 07/27/2010

My main concerns are:
  • The way I am sourcing the options from the config file. Is there a better way to source a config file in bash? perhaps similiar to an ini file in python?
  • My usage of stderr and stdout to capture them for reporting.
  • The way in which I am generating the log output and capturing the most recent log for emailing purposes.
  • My hacked up backup rotation function, which seems to work fine but is pretty ugly to look at.
  • General layout of the script and usage of variables etc.
  • Anything else you think sucks.

In case your wondering mugsy is the nickname for my son Smilie

I case it needs to be said this script if free to use and change by anyone that wants to.

I think I need to learn to use version control system....
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