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Import data from compressed file

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Old 06-18-2004
Import data from compressed file

I need to import data from a file which is in comressed format
but system doesn't have enough space to uncompress file
Is there any way so that i can do import from compressed file.
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Old 06-18-2004
youll probably need to uncompress it. do you have a cd burner? possibly if the resultant file will fit on cd, you can uncompress it there. however i havent toyed much with mounting a cdr and writing to it as regular youll have to figure that one out.
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Old 06-18-2004
It all depends on what you are trying to import.

For example, importing a compress MySQL database dump is easy:

zcat myDatabase.sql.gz | mysql -u username -p databasename
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Old 06-18-2004
I want to import data in oracle database
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Old 06-18-2004
Personally, I don't know orcale.

However, how would you normally import the data? Is it like a text file with SQL statements, or a CSV file or something?

If there is a tool for orcale that supports reading the data from STDIN, you'll be able to use [b]zcat to cat the compressed data and pipe it into the import tool.

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