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awk - calculation of probability density

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awk - calculation of probability density

Hi all!

I have the following problem: I would like to calculate using awk a probability of appearing of a pair of numbers x and y. In other words how frequently do these numbers appear?

In the case of only one integer number x ranged for example from 1 to 100 awk one liner has the form:
awk 'BEGIN{for(i=1;i<=100;i++) h[i]=0}{h[$1]+=1}END{for(i=1;i<=100;i++) print i, h[i]/NR}' datafile

where datafile contains the number x:

My question is how to extend above awk one-liner for a pair of number x and y? In this case datafiles looks as follows:
#x   #y
23     15
35     1
23     15

Thanks in advance.

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something like this:

#  cat infile
23 15
35 1
23 15

#  awk '{h[$1" "$2]++}END{for (i in h){print i,h[i]/NR}}' infile
35 1 0.333333
23 15 0.666667

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How to extend your one-liner to the case where non-integer numbers are present in the infile?

I was trying with this:

awk '{h[int($1/10)" "int($2/10)]++}END{for (i in h){print i*10,h[i]/NR}}' infile

but it does not work.

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It would work as is, if you want to group by values like 2.31313 and 2.31314, which may not be very useful - depends on the analysis you need to do. Otherwise you want to truncate decimals e.g., 2.31313 -> 2.31
awk '{h[sprintf("%.2f",$1) " " sprintf("%.2f",$2)]++}END{for (i in h){print i,h[i]/NR}}' infile

sprintf("%f.2", number) rounds a real to 2 decimals.
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How to change this formula in a such a way that it will return not only propabilty - h[i] but also the pair of number for which h[i] correspond ?

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