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For loop using input file doesn't expand variables

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting For loop using input file doesn't expand variables
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For loop using input file doesn't expand variables


I'm using a for loop reading from an input file that contains files, whose path includes a variable name.

But the for loop doesn't expand the variable and therefore can't find the file.

Here's an example:


for i in `cat BACKUPFILES`
  file $i

/home/John/alpha:   ascii text

/home/Sue/beta:   ascii text
$BACKUP/listing/gamma:       cannot open: No such file or directory

The variable is set correctly - if I run echo $BACKUP in the for loop, it displays it correctly.

Does anyone know how to get around this? Thanks

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could you mention where u set the variable value (BACKUP)???
use tag..( in tool bar use # symbol )

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BACKUP is a variable set globally at login - it's not in /etc/profile, but all users process a login script that sets this and other variables.
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try this:
for i in `cat BACKUPFILES`
  file $(eval echo $i)

another, more efficient approach may be:
while read i
 file $(eval echo $i)

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Great - both solution worked. Thanks for your help - but could you tell me why the second solution is more efficient than the first? I've got into the habit of using for loops.
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Nothing but this avoids creating an extra process with calling an external command (cat).

"While read" the thing for these kind of purpose. ( reading file ).
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OK - will remember that. Thanks for your help.

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